Intense tango immersion with Natalia and Agustin


Intense Tango immersion

A training for advanced dancers on how to achieve a better technique, become more connected and shape your dance into a meaningful 2-way communication.

A day with Natalia and Agustin is a real adventure, a journey, a challenge and a totally new approach to deepening and leveling up your personal dance style.

They will teach you no steps, no figures but they will use your body knowledge and technique to bring meaning to your movements.
They will bring the background tango knowledge that will widen the spectrum of how you see and approach tango.
They will help you to combine history, styles, musicality and expressiveness with your own technique.
They will share all of their background knowledge and use an holistic approach to incorporate all these elements into your dance.

Having the opportunity to experience them in person allows you to live the energy, freshness, enthusiasm and personalized treatment, have fun, evolve, get inspired and live an unforgettable experience.
So don’t miss them!

Program Saturday November 7th

10:00 – 12:00 : training
pause (unfortunately the lunch by Tango Cuisine will not take place due to the imposed corona measures)
14:00 – 15.30 : training
15:45 – 17:15 : training
19:00 – 24:00 : milonga DJ Natalia & Agustin unfortunately will not take place due to the imposed corona measures


€ 80 (adapted price) for the entire day, per person, per Saturday.
Included : 5 hours of workshop

(but not included in the price)

On Friday November 6th: open workshop for all levels.


The workshops will take place in “Barrio de Tango” on the Oud St. Jan site in Bruges. Entrance via Parking, Zonnekemeers, Bruges


Natalia en Agustin

From the new Argentine couples, Natalia and Agustin are among the ones that had grown the fastest in the last years. Since 2016, they had participated in more than 103 tango events, in 12 countries in America, Asia and Europe.

They were honored in their first year European tour, they were called to dance at the “Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Prijs 2016”, a Dutch Royalty Award, in the presence of Queen Maxima of The Netherlands.

They began their international journey in 2016, after 13 years of local experience and 10 years of intense researches about tango, its history, its dance, culture, testimony and chats with milongueros. They have also specialized in body language and dance teaching techniques and done studies in the Tango university career at the Art University of Buenos Aires.

Abroad, they have quickly achieved a great recognition thanks to the extraordinary classes where they mix culture, art, history, musicality, dance and technique, getting to transfer highly tango rooted knowledge, without even using figures or sequences.

Their strong studies and works in social integration are many times blend into the milongas and events where they participate. Introducing exercises that leads participants to live a special experience, bringing them closer together to each other, while generating a splendid milonga atmosphere. Finally, from requests of the most curious students, they have begun to hold lectures where they transfer what they had studied, their researches and talks with milongueros, showing evidence of evolution in tango music and how that affected the dance.

This became their inspiration to start producing audiovisual tango projects that they share through YouTube / Facebook, helping and inspiring dancers and DJ to continue evolving.

Having the opportunity to experience them in person, not only offers the possibility of living a unique and different experience, but also allows you to live the energy, freshness, enthusiasm and personalized treatment of a couple who seek you to learn, have fun, evolve, get inspired and live an unforgettable experience.