Workshops with Maria Ines Bogado March 10-11th


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Friday March 10th

19-20.30 : Tango Vals – Cadenas (chain movements)
20.30-22.30 Practica (€ 5,00)

Saturday March 11th
11/03 11.30-13: Working with contra-movements for the expanding effects on the figures.
11/03 14-15.30: Embraces: pivots and circularity. Different aspects of close and open embrace using clever ideas and smart elements.
11/03 16-17.30: Vals: it’s time for Fun Vals: Playing with different tempos and structure to include Sacadas and Alterations in our Giros.

€ 25,00 per workshop, per person

€ 90,00 per person when following the 4 workshops including 1 practica

Maria Ines Bogado

María Inés Bogado is a dancer, artist and teacher of Argentine tango. For more than 20 years she has devoted herself to her dance and finally won the title of world champion in Tango Salón in 2010. Rosa Forte and Carlos Perez, among others, played a key role in her career as trusted teachers.